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Poker Out Loud was created by Solve For Why, an advanced poker game training company. Solve For Why’s founder and lead instructor is Matt Berkey, a long-time high-stakes poker professional in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Poker Out Loud is a unique approach to learning how to play poker through high-stakes training and entertainment. Top poker professionals play a real cash game format, while all wearing noise-cancelling headphones. Before each action in the betting round and beyond, they speak their thoughts out loud, revealing to the audience their thought process and reasoning behind each poker decision.

The players are playing with their own real money, at stakes of $5/$10 No-Limit Hold em. Each season of Poker Out Loud is filmed over the course of a continuous poker session (sometimes two) and then broken up into individual episodes by the production team. Table stakes and dynamics develop over the course of the session, so any Poker Out Loud season is best consumed by watching all the episodes in order.

Zach Resnick Comes to Life in the Poker Game

In episode 4 of season one,  Zach Resnick gets involved in the early going, after having been the least active player at the poker table in the first three episodes. Zach check-raises the flop as bluff against Jordan Young, but then ends up making the best poker hand on the turn, to win a decent-sized pot.

Later on, Nick Howard attempts yet another light 3-Bet squeeze against Christian Soto’s open, continuing their combative aggressive dynamic that’s developed throughout this season. Despite being openly frustrated by it, Christian makes an astute move, electing to 5-Bet shove his marginal, albeit the best hand here, Ace-Ten offsuit, winning him the pot of the draw poker round.

Nick's Stud Poker Style Confuses the Table

Some debate ensues, both on the table and in off-table interviews, revolving around Nick’s sometimes unusual style of play. Most notably, some of Nick’s sizings are debated, even by himself, but they are definitely causing some confusion for the other players.

In one of the more wild poker hands of Poker Out Loud, Nick’s loose play presents itself postflop this time, as he makes several very ambitious plays with the Ten-Eight offsuit, across multiple streets. Nick’s play allows Berkey to win a massive pot with a hand that should probably never have seen as much action as it did. The history between these two players, and the perception that each had of one another, were the driving forces behind this extremely wild and out-of-line hand.

Through four episodes of season one, Jack Laskey is the big winner of the session, and Nick Howard is the biggest loser.

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