Las Vegas, NV (April 2, 2021) - Rising poker star Landon Tice is the newest addition to Solve For Why, an advanced poker training academy providing cutting-edge coaching and more.

With the signing, Solve For Why lands one of the game’s brightest young minds and burgeoning personalities, with Tice joining a team of expert coaches that includes Matt Berkey, Christian Soto, and Matt Hunt.

“Solve For Why is a great poker resource and community, and I’m excited to be joining the team,” said Landon Tice. “I look forward to working with my fellow coaches as we continue to build a strong foundation to understanding poker holistically.”

“Having Landon join the team serves us far beyond his astounding comprehension of poker theory,” said Matt Berkey, Founder of Solve For Why. “His sheer excitement for the game and insatiable hunger to learn is inspiring. I have no doubts we're looking at an up-and-coming phenom and I consider myself fortunate to work alongside him.”

Tice’s professional poker career grew by leaps and bounds in 2020 as he went from playing mid-stakes cash games to sitting down at high-stakes tables in Las Vegas and elsewhere. Tice has experienced success with both online and live poker, making him the perfect hybrid addition to further bridge the gap between the two realms. In July 2020, Tice reached his first World Series of Poker final table, placing sixth in a $1,000 event on for nearly $30,000. A few months later, Tice captured the top prize in the Mid-States Poker Tour Venetian $1,100 Main Event for more than $200,000.

Now a member of the Solve For Why coaching team, Tice will lend his expertise to the Solve For Why community through his unique insight and high level of dedication.

In addition to welcoming Tice, Solve For Why is announcing an updated price point for Solve For Why TV, the company’s leading poker training site. Starting April 1, 2021, members can sign up for $49.99 per month to receive an all-access pass to hundreds of training videos, video podcasts, monthly mastermind webinars, and more. Solve For Why TV’s guided poker training strives to help poker players of all levels unlock new heights in their game.

Included in the exclusive membership offering is Solve For Why TV’s Poker Out Loud, which is set to debut the second episode of its new season on Monday, April 5. Poker Out Loud is an advanced poker training series featuring the game’s top players and strategists. The show’s innovative environment gives audience members a fully transparent look into the minds of some of the game’s best, allowing for unrestricted access to the decision-making process. Tice joins in on the action for the new season that features Lynne Ji, Jeremiah Williams, Chris Konvalinka, and Matt Berkey. New episodes of Poker Out Loud will become available every Monday.

The Solve For Why Academy is also pleased to announce that it will be releasing a new poker training course on the first of every month, covering a wide range of strategies to give students the tools to improve in both cash games and tournaments.

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About Solve For Why

Solve For Why is an advanced poker training academy founded in 2016 by professional poker player and coach Matt Berkey. Solve For Why engages the community through innovative practices, cutting-edge courses and technology, an industry-leading coaching team, and more.

Solve For Why’s poker training site, Solve For Why TV, is built for poker players of all levels, providing both free and subscription memberships. Subscribed members will receive exclusive access to training videos, video podcasts, monthly mastermind webinars, and the company’s flagship poker series, Poker Out Loud.

Poker Out Loud offers a one-of-a-kind live poker coaching experience providing members with unbridled access into the minds of some of the game’s greatest thinkers as they play against other top-level competitors. Members can also receive guided poker training and access to the Solve For Why community.