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Poker Out Loud was created by Solve For Why, an advanced poker training company. Solve For Why’s founder and lead instructor is Matt Berkey, a long-time high-stakes poker professional in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Poker Out Loud is a unique approach to poker training and entertainment. Top poker professionals play a cash game format, while all wearing noise-cancelling headphones. Before their actions, they speak their thoughts out loud, revealing to the audience their thought process and reasoning behind each poker decision.

The third season of Poker Out Loud features Matt Berkey, Christian Soto (Chin), Matt Hunt, Andrew Lichtenberger (Chewy), Nick Howard, and Jesse Sylvia. The stakes are $5/$10 at this No-Limit Texas Hold’em table, and every player has all of their own action. The game has begun with all players 300 big blinds deep, sitting on $3,000 in chips.

While nobody in the game is known to be proficient at lip reading, they’ve been asked not to look at their opponents as they verbalize their thoughts. When the action isn’t on them, tunes fill their ears to ensure they can’t overhear any information by accident.

Chin looks down at the best hand in poker to kick off Episode 1. Unfortunately for Jesse Sylvia, who placed second in the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event for a cool $5.3mm, he’s been dealt an inferior pocket pair in the form of 99. Jesse opens his pair to $25 in the hijack, and next-to-act Chin bumps it up to $110. We hear from Matt Hunt before he throws away a hand that can’t call: “I’m gonna probably play somewhat tight during this game because I am most likely to be, possibly not even winning in this game. It’s a very tough game.” Chewy wants to make the call or 4-bet with KQ offsuit but ultimately decides to throw it away, deciding it’s too weak to make a move, even at this stack depth.

We hear Jesse construct a range for Christian based on the 3-bet. “I don’t think he’s trying to take advantage of the fact that we’re just starting out and I might be a little gun shy,” he says. The flop brings 10h8s2s, and Chin continues for about half pot, planning to overbet turn in most scenarios. “I’m definitely gonna call,” says Jesse. “I’m just debating whether or not I’m gonna give him a nipple pinch before I do it. Yeah, I’m gonna do it.”

The 10s turn weakens Chin’s AA significantly, and Jesse mentions that this is a good card for him to lead: his flush draws get there, and top pair is now trips. He bets roughly 25% pot to deny equity from Chin’s holdings that are behind. “My hand now is a very natural call-call,” says Chin. He drills the Ace-high flush on the river, though, and Jesse opts to continue firing, putting out a 60% pot bet. Chin clicks it back, hoping to induce a 3-bet bluff from Jesse, who doesn’t take the bait.

Several hands later, Berkey opens Q-10 offsuit to $40 on the button, and Chin defends his BB with J-10 offsuit, explaining that he’ll have to be 3-betting more than calling with the seating arrangement how it is. This hand functions as a call, though, and Chin plans to lead a fair amount of flops based on how wide he knows Berkey’s opening range will be.

Chin flops an open-ender on 9d8d4s, which also gives Berkey a gutshot. Chin check-raises the flop and check-calls the 4h turn. The river’s one of the best cards in the deck for Berkey: the Js, pairing Chin and completing Berkey’s straight draw. Berkey shoves about $2,500 into less than $1,000, putting Chin to a decision. He eventually calls it off and gets the bad news, and we see our first reload just a few hands into the season.

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